Hello welcome to my fantastic site!

I hope you like it,it is the role playing bella sara game. For those of you who play the other site of Bellasara, you might like it! Hope you do!
This is where you can meet other people and see a lot mysterious things!! have fun!!
Discover a magical world of horses where everyone can expand their imaginations of this website. By Molly E.C.


Please FOLLOW these RULES!!! Thank you!
1.You can have as many BellaSara people as you want.
2.There is only 1 type of each horse. swearing or anything like that.
4.No super powers unless your horse is made like that.
5.No killing unless you get the permisson of the person that role plays the horse you want to kill.
6.No killing people from your herd.
7.No weapons.
8.Please take care of your herd.
9.You can run away from your herd and be a loner if you want.
10.There may not be all of he horses in each herd so don't think its not fair! the creater still has to find more horses.
Sorry if there is no pictures on some of the hores! Molly is working on it! Thank you!


i will be adding on a new tag. I'm gonna put quiz's there. so i will make a quiz once a month.
so check it out.
                     Bella ( Molly )
I might just make them whenever i can.